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Description: Hand-Loomed

Construction: Loop and Pile

Standard Rug Sizes: 6x9,  8x10,  9x12, 10x14

Oversized Rug Sizes: 12x15, 12x18, 15x18, 15x20

Material: 50% Wool, 50% Tensel Yarn

Delivery: 3-6 weeks

Runners: 3x15, 3x18

Custom sizes available.



This magnificent collection, offers the look of a handcrafted Tibetan Silk carpet. The beautifully ribbed textured piece has a rich tactile appearance. The collection has a sparkle and shine, due to the use of Tencel yarn. This affords the collection the look of Silk at a significantly more cost effective price. In addition to the Silk like softness and luxury, Tencel offers durability and cleanability. The collection is offered in  several fashionable colors. The product is hand woven by artisans, however organized in a manner that allows us to allows 

delivery to you within 6 weeks.

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